Benefit 2: Valuable

A concrete construction is robust and can hardly be damaged. As a result, your property retains an excellent market value even after years. Our buildings have a standard reference period of 50 years.


Benefit 4: Energy efficient

A concrete construction has a large accumulating capacity. This keeps your building cool in the summer months and it’s easy to keep it warm in the winter months.

Hercuton realiseerde het distributiecentrum met kantoren turn-key voor W.K. Heyl jr. - DC

Benefit 6: Burglary proof

With our solid prefab concrete walls you make it difficult for burglars to get in.

Hercuton heeft het bedrijfspand van Airforce in Zandvoort turn-key inclusief bestrating opgeleverd. - gevel

Advantage 8: Architecture

With prefab concrete as a base material, virtually any desired architecture is possible. Concrete is excellent to combine with other materials such as wood and steel.

Martens en Van Oord VOORKANT AVOND 9

Benefit 10: Low maintenance

Concrete is a low-maintenance material and this is reflected in the maintenance costs. With a customised maintenance plan, you know what to expect and you keep an eye on the costs.