What are the qualities of prefab concrete?

Prefab concrete is, among other things, solid, durable, stable in value, but also extremely fire-resistant and burglar-proof. The accumulating capacity ensures a stable and pleasant working environment. In addition, concrete is perfect for multiple land use, such as parking or solar panels on the roof.

2 x 8 = 24…..

By combining the beautiful, coloured LEGO blocks, the most beautiful buildings are created. To illustrate: you can attach 2 blocks with 8 studs (2×4) to each other in no less than 24 different ways. And when these 2 blocks each have a different colour, this number even changes to 48.

Our product range actually consists of six thousand prefabricated concrete LEGO blocks from which we assemble a building. This enables us to realise virtually any desired architecture. Concrete is also excellent to combine with other materials such as wood or steel. So you are assured of a commercial building with its own unique appearance. Delivered turnkey at a competitive price.